------Begonias: a Love Story----- 


Like most of us, our lives are consistently on the go. Between work, raising a family, commuting, preparing meals and carving out a few extra minutes for a workout, let's face it, things can be rough and tough on your skin. 


Transparency. In 2016, my fiance and I set out on a quest. There is truth in transparency. Our mission was to source some of the finest sustainable ingredients to [revive our skin] from the wears and tears of life. It had to be practical, non toxic, light weight, used natural extraction methods and be primarily plant based. [We love our animals and our environment.] We had to find plant based ingredients at their core and someone who would be just as passionate about these fundamentals as we are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and sharing that with the world. 


Be aware. By opening up our search to our local larger environment we became more aware of natural methods and remedies to our mission. It wasn't until a trip to a day spa in Java where we were introduced to the Begonia flower. In Java, a spa is a day long experience starting with local light fair and tea for breakfast. Along side the serving of tea rested a flower on a white plate drizzled with honey. "gee that looks nice we thought" then looked over at the young lady next to us who ate her plated flower. Cautiously confirming and then doing the same, we learned the flower was edible and an excellent source of vitamin C. Did you know that the Begonia flower is the fifth largest flowering plant in the world? "Begonia" means to "be aware" and when we realized we have stumbled upon something truly unique and special, Precious Begonia was formed.


Begonias happen to be very rich in Vitamin C, the key ingredient in activating Hyaluronic Acid. Better known as HA it is the corner stone in skincare that has the ability to attract up to 1000x times it's own weight in water. This formula replenishes collagen and re-hydrates your skin for a more firmer, brilliant & youthful look. A perfect natural source.  

Since we discovered that Begonias contain Vitnmin C and are completely edible with a sweet and tarty taste similar to that of rhubarb. We would simply need to have begonias with HA in our morning for revitalized skin. However, since eating a basket of begonia's for breakfast is not always convenient for our busy lives (and our marketing reps turned down the idea of Begonia Biscuit Ice cream Bars) we found a way to extract the goodness of the precious little begonia into our travel light bottle of VC-HA Anti-aging serum [smear it on your face]. 


Back home, we have sourced the perfect ingredients. Begonias not grown and treated with pesticides. Cold pressing these natural ingredients to extract their precious oils and forming the right blend has been a daunting task, but with a little math, some science and a few extra loving hands we founded a formula that was just right for sensitive skin. We bottled up our first few cases and headed to the Face & Body Spa Expo. The interest was outstanding and we quickly sold out. Our VC-HA Anti-aging serum was a huge hit. Our minds were blown in the weeks that followed as we had a number of requests on how our fans can purchase more.... 

Join us on this wonderful journey. We invite you to purchase a bottle and see for yourself. Click here to be taken to our VC-HA Anti-aging Serum


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